Banns of Marriage 

This is a public announcement of your intended marriage. The banns are 'published' by being read aloud during the service on three successive Sundays preceding the ceremony. The congregation is invited to register objections if they have any. It is usual for the couple to be in attendance on at least one of the three occasions when the banns are read.

Banns need to be published at least three months before your wedding date and are valid for 3 months.
Please download the Banns application form and return to the Parish Office along with the fee. 

You are legally entitled to get married at St Peter’s Church if you live within the parish and have never been married before. If one partner lives outside the parish boundaries, then banns also need to be read at his/her parish church.  Contact the office to find out if you live in our parish or fill in the enquiry form. There is a cost involved (determined by the Church of England) in the reading of the Banns as well as for the Banns Certificate.