Our Vision


  • We recognise the importance of Worshipping God our creator and Father, so we seek to make our Sunday worship engaging, relevant and inspiring to all ages, giving glory to Jesus. However, we don’t just worship God on Sundays in church, but with our whole lives.
  • As we worship God we understand more of what love truly is and desire to express our Love of him through loving each other within our churches and loving our neighbours, the community in which we live
  • An outworking of that love is that we aim to Share what we have been blessed with- our gifts and talents, our time, our money, as well as the Good News of Jesus with friends, family and our community.
  • As we share Jesus with one another and our community we seek to Grow disciples, followers of Jesus, both in terms of spiritual maturity and in those who come to know Jesus and become part of our Christian community in our three churches.