Our Vision

New Vision Logo (Small)

Our vision is to shine the light of Jesus’ love and truth into our communities, guide people as we journey together with Him and welcome all into the safe harbour of God’s kingdom


Vision Prayer

Lord, you are the wind in my sails,
You guide me as I steer and find direction.
You give me the strength to keep on going.
You watch over me as I navigate stormy seas.
You are the harbour where I stop for rest.
You are my encourager when I lose hope.
You are the lighthouse that keeps my path safe.
You are with me always. Thank you.       Amen.


Our Values

Being rooted in prayer and scripture
Listening to one another and our communities
Welcoming and valuing everyone as bearing the image of God
Working together, encouraging all to use our God-given gifts
Boldly sharing Jesus’ love in the power of the Holy Spirit